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Our Family. Our Community. Our Business.

Blue Star 1 Communications is a family-owned Elite Retailer, with 15+ years in the satellite industry, servicing residential and commercial customers with Viasat Internet in Montana. We pride ourselves in making customer service our #1 goal, always! “If our customers aren’t happy, we aren’t happy”; therefore, we try to go above and beyond what is expected from our customers.

Our technicians, as well as our sales team, take pride in keeping up-to-date inĀ training and certifications in order to provide and giveĀ our customers the most professional service and the most updated information as possible, at all times.


It’s no coincidence that we get so many referrals from our existing customers – Call us today!

Call us for an appointment! 406-203-2014

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Hello! I am here to help you with your interest in Viasat Internet! If you have questions the site cannot answer, we will get you connected to your local expert!